Ladies It's In The Bag creator Yvonne Grant is a "Native Floridian."  Born and raised in Tampa, Florida where as a single Mom at a young age, her Entrepreneur spirit (which she inherited from her Father who owned several restaurants) started her down a path of creativity  that embodied passion for fashion, accessories and inspiring others. 

Offering a great collection of handbags for women is just the beginning of a journey to many other items that will be offered.  The tag line "The Purse Is Seen First" for the handbag collection was chosen not as a way for women to judge each other by what handbag they carry but as a way for a woman to take note of her overall appearance.  

For instance 'If the Purse Is Seen First' the desire is for a woman to aspire to look not only at the purse that she is carrying, but her appearance from head to toe being mindful that the purse is not the only thing that will be seen, so is the individual that is carrying the purse.



Bold, Chic, Casual or Classy.."You Decide." 


Passion for Fashion & Accessories goes beyond handbags this is true but the beauty in what is seen beyond the handbags lies within YOU.